Social Media Platforms, Whats right for my company?

Everyone is aware of the reach and power of social media platforms and that they can be used to communicate with your prospective clients and engage with your present users.

When companies first decide to use social media as a means to communicate and engage often time it is based on a assumption that all social media platforms are similar in their workings and hence they should be present on all the platforms, this true to the extent of their ability to reach a large number of people and the similarity ends there.

Each social media platform is conceived by its makers in a different manner, for a varied audience and for a specific purpose, also reach and target audience of each-one is quite different from the other.

If your company decides to use all the platforms then the messaging or posts as they are commonly known should be specific to each platform. It is not a great idea to have the same post on Instagram and LinkedIn as the target audience of both platforms are different from one-another. Some products and services are universal in nature and may be suitable to promote on all platforms, but by and large this is not the case for most products and services, so discuss and brainstorm with your team or social media partner to fine tune your marketing strategy according to the social media platform and its target audience. Such a segmented approach will help your company utilise its marketing budget optimally and get you the best result for your social media campaign.

Budgeting for Digital Marketing

Big or Small all companies should have a clear marketing plan, depending on the product or service your company offers, prospective customer can be broadly categorised and the best suitable platform to communicate and engage with your audience can be chosen.

Once the customer / user is segment is identified and the social media platform where you are most likely to connect with your customer is also identified, the final step is to determine a monthly digital marketing budget for your company.

A clearly defined budget is necessary to introduce your brand & educate users about your service / product. Effective communication about your company its products / services will attract users.